Thursday, March 22, 2007

Announcing the Arrival of Chauffeured Supercars

Announcing the Arrival of Chauffeured Supercars

Until now, our red Ferrari 360 Spider and metallic gray Bentley Continental GT have been able to satisfy (and simultaneously whet) the dream-car longings of drivers throughout the Greater Washington, DC area and beyond. But the fairly robust demand for chauffeured high-end vehicles, popular with wedding and corporate clients, hasn’t yet been met here. Well, that’s about to change.

Capital Dream Cars is pleased to announce the addition of a chauffeured
Rolls Royce Phantom and Maybach to its lineup, just in time for Spring, through an exclusive arrangement with the leading provider of chauffeured exotics on the East Coast. As if one chauffeured Rolls Royce or Maybach weren’t enough, both vehicles are available in different colors: the Phantom in White and Silver; the Maybach in Blue and Black.

Both world-class automobiles are the pinnacle of luxury and desirability. Both are extremely rare with production caps in the low thousands worldwide. Both boast the power of over 450 horses (over 600 in Maybach’s case) while simultaneously offering the most lavish comfort imaginable in an automobile seating four passengers. And, now, Washingtonians can experience this rarefied view from the back seat.

Capital Dream Cars’s mission to provide our Nation’s Capital with "dream car rentals" is still unchanged. The discerning consumer just has more choices now—the driver’s seat or the rear cabin seats—and the choices look pretty good from where we’re sitting. We invite you to view our latest offerings at and to share in our enthusiasm.


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