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Saturday, October 27, 2007

ACT Test For High School Seniors Put Them On The Road To Success

ACT Test For High School Seniors Put Them On The Road To Success
Reward Yourself After College With A Dream Car

High School Seniors are busy taking the ACT test. 12 years of studying hard comes down to how well they do on the college entrance exam. High scores on the ACT test will help many get into the college of their choice and continue on the road to success.

Sometimes it is hard for them to see the fruit of their labor. After college they seek the perfect job. One that will help them be able to enjoy things such as a luxury or exotic car.

Purchasing a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Mercedes might be out of reach for many. You can still drive one of these cars though by renting an exotic or luxury car for the hour, day, week or month.

Exotic and luxury car rental companies are becoming popular. Show up at a special event in the car of your dreams and heads will turn.

In Dallas, you might want to rent the Ferrari F430 F1. Slide behind the wheel and press red ignition button and the Ferrari F430 engine awakens with a snarl that is unmistakably Ferrari. The sporty Ferrari F430 can be rented at DFW Elite Auto Rental. Located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, DFW Elite Auto Rental has the largest fleet of exotic and luxury cars available for rent.

Las Vegas customers can rent the Lamborghini Gallardo at Rent A Vette, the Las Vegas exotic car rental company. The Lamborghini Gallardo is sexy, it's fast and it's agile. And, of course, intimidating.

Maybe you want a car to drive along the coast in San Diego. Rent A Vette also has an exotic car rental location in San Diego. The Roush Mustang GT Convertible is a great choice for the coast. For power, the GT packs a 300-horse, 4.6-liter V8 with variable valve timing, made more rambunctious with the addition of Roush dual-sport exhaust. Ford has done a fine job with the new Mustang -Roush has made it only better.

New York drivers could rent a Porsche Boxster from Image Rent A Car. The beautiful and sporty Porsche Boxster is a magnificent sports car. With its 5 speed Tiptronic Automatic transmission, this baby is ready for any driver. The Boxster jumps from 225 to 240-horsepower, and the Boxster goes from 258 to 280 horsepower. This is the most powerful engine ever offered in a Boxster.
More exotic and luxury car rental companies can be found at Rent Exotic Cars and Rent Luxury Cars Network. The directories showcase exotic and luxury car rental companies across the United States.
No matter where you are located you can drive the car of your dreams. Seniors, study up and do well on your college boards so that you can drive on the road to success in an exotic or luxury car.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Image Rent A Car Provides The Ultimate Gift

Imagine the look on their face when they get behind the wheel of a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. The 552hp W12 engine roaring down the streets of New York, the shores of the Hamptons or the Tri State countryside. The Bentley Continental Flying Spur is refined elegance with comfortable seating for the entire family. You will find the Bentley has more rear legroom than the Rolls Royce Phantom. Heads will turn as they watch you drive by.
The Flying Spur is the four door version of the Continental GT. Don’t let the sedan fool you though. This baby has a top speed of 195 mph and is the fastest coupe on the market. Other features include 4 different suspension modes to give you the most comfortable ride.
The Bentley Continental Flying Spur list for $175,000 but you can rent this car for the hour, day, week or month at Image Rent A Car.
Image Rent A Car 1.888.718.0001Directory Listing


Who Says Sucking Up Is Hard to Do?

For the ultimate brown-noser’s gift guide, look no further than the DFW Elite Auto Rental.com web site. There, you can choose from a wide selection of luxury and exotic cars that can be rented for the day or by the week. From the sporty but luxurious Aston Martin V8 Vantage Convertible to the stately Bentley Continental GT, DFW Elite Auto Rental.com has a ride to suit every personality – and every possible occasion. “A boss who loves cars will love the gift of driving a luxury car for the day,” Sturgeon says. “We have so many cars to choose from that finding the perfect exotic car rental in Dallas or any of the other cities we service isn’t difficult.” With over 50 cars in its showroom, DFW Elite Auto Rental.com has enough eye candy to make the perfect holiday gift whether the recipient’s automotive dreams include a classic Corvette Convertible, BMW M6 Convertible, Mini Cooper, Hummer, or even the world’s largest production pick up. DFW Elite Auto Rental.com has everything it takes to make the holidays merry and bright. “Imagine being the guy or the department that gave the boss a Porsche rental for a day in Fort Worth or a Ferrari rental for a weekend in San Antonio,” Sturgeon says. “That’s definitely something he is going to remember. You can call it brown-nosing … or you can call it investing in your future!”
DFW Elite Auto Rental817-838-RENTDirectory Listing


Find the Ultimate Gift in the Rent Exotic Cars Ultimate Gift Guide

Find the Ultimate Gift in the Rent Exotic Cars Ultimate Gift GuideWatch the face of your special someone light up when they get an Exotic Car Rental.We are making your shopping easy by giving you ideas and places where you can rent the cars. Each week we will be adding new items to the guide.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Dallas Exotic Car Rental Company Offers Tips

Dallas Exotic Car Rental Company Offers Tips
for Safe Luxury Car Rental
DFW Elite Auto Rental Shares Best Questions To Ask
Before Signing An Exotic Car Rental Agreement

October 11, 2007 - DFW, TX – As the luxury auto rental business grows, consumers have more options than ever before. In fact, climbing behind the wheel of a dream car is easier today than it has ever been.

“You have to do your homework before renting an exotic car,” says Tom Warren, General Manager for DFW Elite Auto Rental.com. “There are a lot of new luxury car rental agencies out there, but you definitely want to know what you’re getting beforehand.”

“Hands down, the best question to ask is whether the rental company owns all its cars,” Warren says. “A lot of places broker cars that belong to someone else. So the car a consumer reserves may or may not be available at the time the renter wants it. Plus, brokers who don’t own the exotic cars they provide tend to charge higher prices.”

“And it’s not just the sting of higher prices, owning the cars translates into a better exotic rental experience,” insists Warren. “A broker may not have an expert available to show their clients how to operate every vehicle they broker. As the owners of every one of our exotic rental cars, we have the people in all of our locations to make certain every customer knows enough to drive with confidence.”

Cheryl Lyman, publisher of the most comprehensive online directory of U.S. exotic car rental agencies, RentExoticCars.net, says the average number of vehicles owned by an exotic car rental agency is only five or six. “Regardless of the size of the exotic rental agency’s fleet,” says Lyman,” it’s prudent to ask before renting an exotic car, what the policies are in the event of a mechanical failure. Are you entitled to a refund, credit for future exotic car rental, or an upgrade?”

Beyond making sure that the rental agency owns its cars, Lyman offers the following tips for those wanting to enjoy the exotic car rental experience:

- Check out the age of the cars in the fleet. Older exotic cars may present problems for renters – and nobody wants to spend money to sit by the side of the road!

- Find out what professional affiliations the rental agency has. For example, DFW Elite Auto Rental is a member of the Better Business Bureau, DFW Business Travel Association, Texas Travel Industry Association; and owner Ron Sturgeon has had his used car dealer’s license at the same location for over 30 years. Invest a little time to make sure you are dealing with a reputable exotic car rental agency before you rent.

- Are you able to reach someone at the rental agency or do you leave a message or talk to the operator. A legitimate exotic car rental agency will have staff that can respond to your calls in a timely manner. It’s smart to verify that the agency has a showroom and an office.

- Does the company have satisfied customers? Ask for references. Also, make sure the exotic car rental agency uses a customer satisfaction form, so you know they care what clients think of their service.

Warren notes that insurance is one of the biggest concerns for customers – and it’s also one of the best reasons to rent from a reputable luxury car rental agency. The agency will have the proper commercial insurance for a rental fleet and will help the renter ensure that his or her insurance coverage is adequate.

“In most cases, our customer’s current insurance is adequate for their Dallas exotic car rental,” he says. “Occasionally, we have a customer raise his property damage coverage, but such coverage is inexpensive and is something you need whether or not you rent an exotic car in Dallas.”

“Getting a car from a regular car rental company is a lot like eating vanilla ice cream. It’s okay, but it doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth,” Warren says. “The beautiful thing about exotic car rental is we rent every flavor in the rainbow, and every flavor creates a different feeling. There’s something for whatever you’re craving.” Why not treat yourself to a 1955 Strawberry Mercedes 300SC, a cherry ’65 Corvette Convertible, or a delicious Lamborghini Gallardo? You deserve it.

DFW Elite Auto Rental.com is headquartered at 5940 Eden in Fort Worth, and serves Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, as well as the DFW Metroplex with more than 50 exotic and luxury cars, trucks and SUV’s. For more information and to see a complete inventory of available vehicles, visit http://www.dfweliteautorental.com, or call 817-838-RENT.

Cheryl Lyman is president of CS Publications (http://www.cspublications.com) a market-leading publisher of online directories for the exotic auto industry and a provider of web design, hosting, and multi-media promotional services to firms of all sizes. Reach Cheryl and her team at 817.764.0419 or by emailing webmaster@rentexoticcars.net.



Thursday, August 02, 2007

Exotic Rental Car News & Tidbits

Exotic Rental Car News & Tidbits

Need A Ride? Local Exotic Car Rentals

“We should put the top down,” suggests Jumi Kim as we patiently wait for the traffic light to cycle to green. Oddly enough, I hadn’t even noticed that the car was a convertible, instead transfixed on where I was - sitting shotgun in a Ferrari 360 Spider. read more at On Tap magazine

New Aston Martin Arrives
Our exotic fleet is growing fast. Our newest addition is a 2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante. It is a silver exterior with red interiour. The car is litterly fully loaded. Comes with upgraded wheels, navigation, 6-cd changer, automatic convertible roof and Auto transmission. It’s fast, and it’s jaw dropping. read more at Chicago Exotics

Companies Tell Executives to Hit the Road - and DFW Elite Auto Rental.com Is There to Help Them Do It
Working on the notion that the team that drives together thrives together, DFW Elite Auto Rental.com has rolled out its newest program - the 2,000 Horsepower Elite Team Building Tour. Based on the company’s successful Drive Your DreamTours, the customized daylong event utilizes the popular corporate team building theme, bringing employees together so team members can bond while driving some of the world’s most exotic cars. read more at DFW Elite Auto Rental

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Exotic Rental Car News

Altitude Dream Cars Get 2007 Boxster
Now that Summer is in full swing, we're focusing our efforts on summer activities and summer driving fun. With the latest arrival, our Guard Red Porsche Boxster, we had a chance to take it for a drive in the mountains. Our 2007 Boxster is much more than you'd expect. With 245 horses under the hood, Porsche performance, Traction Control, ABS Brakes and 18" wheels, it's definitely a canyon runner and will give you a thrill at every corner. It's also perfect for just about any trip in the mountains or around town. With Porsche sophistication, comfort, luxury and performance, it's THE car for summer fun.Several other arrivals in our fleet are expected. We're excited to bring Vette rentals back to Colorado. So, watch our site for information on when it will be made available. read more

Mast Farm Inn & Club Ferdinand offer Summer Specials
Looking for a great vacation or get a way? Mast Farm Inns and Club Ferdinand have great packages that include lodging at the beautiful Mast Farm Inn and a Porsche to drive from Club Ferdinand.

The "Good Day Sunshine Picnic"Picture you and your companion driving yourselves to a "Good Day Sunshine Picnic" on the Blue Ridge Parkway in this 550 Porsche Spyder RC, and then laying back to enjoy a gourmet picnic basket on your Porsche blanket next to this "Rebel with a Cause"... A memory for a lifetime. $220.00 Price includes Rental of the Car for The Day, Gourmet Picnic Basket, and all taxes and gratuities. This is a Spyder Reproduction ~ The originals now cost in the million dollar range; One original sold for $1,034,000 at the Gooding Pebble Beach sale held August 21, 2005 ~

This Spyder is Virgin Pearl White, highly optioned, with a considerable number of custom upgrades. This is one of the nicest Beck Porsche 550 Spyders ever produced. Everything on "The Pearl of The Parkway" was done right: 2165 cc 185 hp engine on a 1,250 lb car. Options & Features Included on Car: Porsche Badges & Touring Medallions, Tonneau cover, Leather rear deck straps, Painted engine shroud, Polished Carburetors and Valve covers with 550 Spyder engraved on the Carburetor covers, custom cable shifting system to provide much smoother and precise shifting, Custom polished exhaust, Custom Virgin Pearl paint, Nardi wood steering wheel, Sport style mirrors, Old fashioned racing harness style seat belts, Many custom polished trim pieces. This car is one of a kind and probably the nicest Beck Spyder you will ever find... Spyder, You, Companion, Picnic, Blue Ridge Parkway, A Little Good Day Sunshine from The Beatles... Only James Dean is Missing, or is He?
read more

DFW Elite Auto Rental Celebrates One Year Anniversary
It may be just one year old, but there were no baby steps for DFW Elite Auto Rental.com this year. Instead, the luxury car rental business roared out of the garage on June 1, 2006 – and hasn’t slowed down since. “We knew that there were a lot of people who wanted to enjoy the experience of driving luxury automobiles without the hassles of ownership,” said Ron Sturgeon, owner of DFW Elite Auto Rental.com. “We knew that a business like this would do well – we just didn’t know it would do so well so quickly.” Sturgeon has demonstrated the staying power needed to start such a business. He got his Texas Automobile Dealer’s License 30 years ago just a few miles from his current location. During year one, DFW Elite Auto Rental.com expanded its fleet from about 40 to more than 55 luxury and exotic autos. New additions have included everything from the coveted Aston Martin V8 Vantage to a stunning red 2006 Dodge Viper SR10 Convertible and from armored vehicles to a breathtaking 1986 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible. As the fleet has grown, so has the buzz about this unique Fort Worth-based company. In their May cover story, D Magazine selected renting a convertible from DFW Elite Auto Rental.com as the #1 coolest way to spend a summer weekend in the Metroplex. “We’ve definitely gotten some attention this year,” said Sturgeon, whose business has also been featured on Dallas-area news programs and in newspapers and magazines including Seventeen, Men’s Journal and Texas Journeys. “Members of the media want to bring the newest, sexiest and most fun products to the forefront for their readers – and that’s what we have.”
read more


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Father's Day Specials and Packages

Father’s Day Specials and Packages

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Are you looking for the perfect gift for your special man? Look no further. Many of your exotic car rental companies have put together special packages for Father’s Day. Here are just a few.

Mandarin Oriental, New York’s Gotham Dream Cars Father’s Day Packages

New York’s Five-Star Mandarin Oriental hotel announces two fabulously fun Father’s Day packages in partnership with Gotham Dream Cars. The packages feature luxurious accommodations in a room or suite overlooking Central Park or the Hudson River, and Dad’s choice of an adrenaline-pumping Dream Car Tour (customized test drives of six high-performance automobiles) or private use of a Ferrari or Lamborghini for the entire weekend.

For Father’s Day weekend June 16-17, 2007, check Dad into a Mandarin Oriental, New York room or suite for two nights of captivating New York City skyline views and Five-Star hospitality. On Friday evening, Gotham Dream Cars, Manhattan’s premier exotic car rental company will deliver the Ferrari or Lamborghini of Dad’s choice for a weekend of high performance driving. read the entire story

Let Dad Drive a Ferrari For Father’s Day with DFW Elite Auto Rental.com’s Drive Your Dream Exotic Auto Tours

Special 50% Discount Makes Full Day Driving Event a Family Affair.

In Mexico City, the third Sunday in June is el Dia del Padre. In Quebec, it’s Fete des Peres. And In west central Texas, it’s called Father’s Day and it will be here on June 17th. In any language, it sends throngs of Texans to malls and computer keyboards in search of the perfect gift for Dad. “If your shopping excursion has you typing ‘Father’s Day gift for Dallas car enthusiast’ into Google or scouring the malls for the perfect something for a hot rod Dad,” says Fort Worth businessperson and DFW Elite Auto Rental.com owner Ron Sturgeon, “then our 2500 HP Driving Tour may be exactly what you’re looking for.” read the entire story